Testing… Testing … 1 2 3 …

So, it’s been quite some time since my last blog post and A LOT has changed!

In March I finished my journey through the Data School, and my my, what a journey it was. I can’t even explain how much I learned about data viz and about myself. If ever you feel like you want a change in your life or to grow into data viz, I can not recommend joining The Data School at The Information Lab enough.

I’ve since moved back to The Netherlands after 12 years and am crazy happy to be near my family again. I’ve started a position at adidas and I’m loving it, except that they have decided to drop Tableau.

So, I’m on a mission to keep on top of my Tableau game, which, quite frankly is lacking right now. The plan, is to help organize the local chapters of Viz for Social Good and Tiny Tableau Talks in Amsterdam. On the smaller scale and to keep learning, I’ll try to take part in Makeover Monday more, so I can attempt to keep up with all the great new features Tableau has and to try to build charts I haven’t made before.

To kick off the new regime, here is the MM I did last week. Since I haven’t been able to use the new features in Tableau much, here is my first go at a stepped line chart 🙂