Putting the ‘Social’ in #VizforSocialGood

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A little while ago, I gave a talk at the Tiny Tableau Talks organised by Emma Kosh. Here I had the opportunity to share with other Tableau users my appreciation for the Tableau community and the projects that I have taken part in that mean the most to me. I talked about Chloe Tseng’s #VizforSocialGood project and  the Tableau Public #VizforSocialGood vs. Hacking Open Data Initiative hackathon, for which I was the the lead of Team Climate Change.

I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received and the questions and interest around the Data School and the #VizforSocialGood project. By far the best question was from Alina Cristea, who essentially asked me, if people meet up to work on the project together. My answer to this was, ‘not yet, but we most definitely should!’

So I chatted to Chloe and set about planning an evening where people could get together and put the ‘Social’ into #VizforsocialGood. And what a success it was! A team of attendees of the Tableau User Group and members of the Data School came together on a Tuesday evening to put their vizzing skills to good use, helping a London based project called May Project Gardens. The project  aims to educate and empower young people to be healthy, entrepreneurial and grow their communities. An idea I can fully get behind! Our part was to visualise survey data on how participants felt about the programs they put on.

Here is the viz I submitted for the #VizforSoacialGood project: #VfSG MPG.png

Huge, HUGE thank you to Tom Brown and The Information Lab for hosting and for sponsoring out pizza! It wouldn’t be any kind of Tableau get together without pizza!

Also thank you to Tableau Public, who gave us some freebies… which I forgot and will bring to the next event…. Fingers crossed there will be another session, that people enjoyed the social vizzing and the vizzing to help as much as I did.

And just before I say goodbye, check out some of the other fantastic entries by my fellow Data Schoolers (click the thumbnails for links to the vizzes):

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