#VizForSocialGood: UNICEF Refugee Crisis

I wish I could be the person who can actually fix the world, but I’m not. I’m not a world leader and my voice is not the loudest. What I can do, is make vizzes. I can play my tiny part by helping to inform people on the issues that affect our world.

It was my personal New Year’s resolution to make more vizzes on issues that are important to me and have more meaning. Mostly really so I can learn more about them. But as luck would have it I stumbled upon a post on twitter from @TableauPublic encouraging people to join the conversation on what their #DataResolutions were. So naturally I joined the conversation and almost instantly got contacted by @datachloe who told me about her #VizForSocialGood project (find out more at vizforsocialgood.com)!

The first project I participated in was on a data set provided by UNICEF, describing the flow of refugees from 2005 to 2015. Here is my attempt at putting together a viz about it.

dashboard-imageClicking on the image will take you to the viz.

I hope to continue contributing to this project while getting better at finding and telling stories with data and most of all opening eyes to issues that affect our world, our planet and our people.