Hi and welcome to my data blog.

About 8 months ago I started my data journey. I joined the Data School at The Information Lab and in four quick months, I went from knowing next to nothing about effective analytics, Tableau or Alteryx, to, to my great surprise, being a functioning consulting analyst. Of course, as part of the Data School, I had the privilege of  being taught by some of the best Tableau Zen masters and Alteryx Aces in the field, but what I had not expected was the warmth and wealth of knowledge imparted by the Tableau and Alteryx communities. Writing this blog,and sharing what I have learned along my journey so far,  is my way of giving back to the community and if it helps at least one person, the way the blogs, videos and articles that others have written helped me, I will have accomplished my mission.

The first few posts might be slightly stolen from my blog on the Info Lab Data School page, but they do serve as a good basis for starting out with data analysis, so watch this space!


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